Friday, 27 April 2012

Photos From The First Few Weeks

While you and the rest of the world anxiously await Brahna's next blog post, here's something to while away the time at work. I just posted an album on Facebook with some pictures from the first few weeks of our trip, from Wayne through New Orleans, from February 14th through March 4th. Many, many more pictures than we've been able to put up on the blog. These represent about 1/4 of the pictures we took during that time, but they're a good, manageable, curated selection. You don't need to have Facebook or know how to use it in order to see the pictures. Click on the link here for things like the following:

Stretching at Myrtle Beach.
Brahna running down an Indian ceremonial mound off the Natchez Trace.                 

Again, you can click here to see the album.

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